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Do you know who is your real enemy? This enemy is in our control but we are in control of each other. We are proclaiming each other to infidel, treacherous, deceptive, deceptive, and terrorists, but the enemy is making a plan to fight us by targeting any important personality of Pakistan. Just think that in the current situation, some important person is attacked anywhere else, the first doubt will not be done on the enemy, but on one another. Perhaps the reason is that many important figures, including Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Pervez Khattak, Asif Ali Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Dr. Farooq Sattar, Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Asfandyar Wali were being informed about the frequent threats. But the weather season has started, so most of us politicians are inexperienced. In the last days, Azad Farooq's Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider trapped in a big difficulty. On February 5, Nawaz Sharif was addressing Jammu and Kashmir in Jammu and Kashmir on Friday, but a few days before the rally, Raja Farooq Haider was warned of the threat of terrorism in writing. It was difficult to postpone the jury for Raja Sahib and it was not possible to tighten security arrangements. They also knew that the enemy could be very cruel and cruel, anybody could plot on February 5, but he did not stop Nawaz Sharif from coming from Muzaffarabad due to a huge threat. Such threats were in Lahore's hurry for Asif Ali Zardari and was in Lodhran's rally for Imran Khan. Imran Khan is also advised to restrict his movement repeatedly. Some people are behind them since many days but can not reach Imran Khan. Allah will protect everyone and instruct them all. Unfortunately most people do not have the feeling of patience. Personal and political differences are changing in revenge. Fighting with a few people has been made to fight with the institutions. Politicians are raising judges and taking advice on throwing out, judges judge are insulting some of the journalists' tremendous traits. The law has not been respected in this country, so all respect is in danger. Everyone wants to change their personal opinion into a national tragedy, so in order to avoid any new national cause, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi instructed members of his cabinet to express a statement against the army and the judiciary. The prime minister had a special background. Often the ministers understood the matter, but some ministers did not understand. He ignored the Prime Minister's instructions and made difficulties for himself

A federal minister asked me where to go? On one side Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan is the advice of Abbasi on the other hand Nawaz Sharif is on the other hand. On the other hand, Chaudhry Nisar calls for the call and Shahbaz Sharif insists in this call. Today, many ministers and members of the Muslim League (N) are afraid of each other and are hiding a lot from each other, but these hidden things will soon come. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan announced Saturday that he did not accept the leadership of Mary Nawaz. Shortly after this announcement, a meeting of PML (N) minister, who was reminded of me, spoke about Humayun Akhtar and Aaron Akhtar Muslim League (N) leadership in Pervez Musharraf's rule. used to? Meanwhile, two more ministers came and then three of them jointly searched Inspector Hussein Syed's theory and ideology of his leader Sharif Nawaz. The journey of the search was so painful that I could not see these three ministers crying painfully and ran away from their horrific gamble. Haroon Akhtar and Mushahid Hussein Syed are found to be unhappy during the Muslim League (N) after meeting the Senate ticket. Whether any other or not, many members of the Muslim League (N) are considered to be the representative of the establishment and they believe that Nawaz Sharif will try to resolve matters with the establishment in the coming time. . Some close friends of Nawaz Sharif have met with senior leaders of the establishment, with the permission of their leaders in the past, so that no relief can be obtained for leadership, but the results were targeted by the judiciary after which no results were made. The benefit is low and the loss is high. If some new Muslim League's new hurriyat friends find out who their colleagues had met in the past few weeks, to whom he had met with some issues, he would be drowned in a surprise surprise. will go. Shortly, Nawaz Sharif is such a big hurriyat as the great man was Asif Ali Zardari. If we review the tickets given for the Senate, it is clear that there is no difference between Imran Khan and the Salvation of our nation, Imran Khan. These three say nothing, some are Kamran Tassori's zeal. Kamran Tesori is not a single person's name. This movement has not been embedded in the MQM alone in every big group. In general, you can call it "motion acquisition power" in general words, so for the success of this movement, people like Kamaran Tesori have become very important for the success of this movement in 2018. On the next day, Imran Khan was telling that a buyer of Senate ticket had received Rs 20 crores to his Chief Minister Pervez Khattak but he canceled the offer. I asked if you set a ticket to some rich people, then they have saved but how will Faisal Javaid win he has no billions of rupees? Khan promised that he would sit in Peshawar on the day of the Senate elections and succeed Faisal Javaid in any way. When our conversation reached Peshawar to Karachi, it came to know that Imran Khan wants to fight the election of the National Assembly from Karachi. The idea was good but when the news came to pass, a former colleague of Altaf Hussein, Salim Shahzad, was going to join TTP, Kashif Abbasi said, what will be the difference between you and others. Khan Sahib had an answer to every of our questions. The good thing was that instead of imposing any decision, he was trying to take his party together. They were not in any kind of pressure, but we kept listening to the rhythm and criticized our opponents. He has full right to criticize his opponents, but requests from all the political leaders, including that God does not make politics a lesson.
The threats given by politicians to the language and state governments against each other have caused a lot of frustration among ordinary people. We should not be told how many people come to the hospital. We know that you give senate tickets to people. All the fighting is of wealth and power. Do not make this fight a personal revenge and beware of the real enemy. This enemy is in our control and we are in control of each other. We need to be careful about the enemy rather than one another.

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