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Afghanistan busts 'German Taliban fighter' in Helmand

Afghanistan busts 'German Taliban fighter' in Helmand.

Afghan protection causes say they have caught a In german man in southeast Helmand region who has been a long-time army advisor to the Taliban.

The man was taken with other three other alleged militants in a raid on a bomb-making site in Gereshk region.

His identification is uncertain. Authorities say he talks In germans and says he is In german.

If confirmed, it would be a uncommon case of a Westerner enduring insurgents in Afghanistan. Large sections of Helmand are under Taliban management.

Afghan officials believe the man has been with the Taliban for eight decades. An army declaration said: "The In german nationwide phone calls himself Abdul Wadood."

His In german name is not known.

"The man has been transferred to Kandahar air platform and he is now in the legal care of US causes," Maj Abdul Qadir Bahdurzai of the Afghan army's 215 Corps informed BBC Afghan.

Photos of his catch show a man in his 30's or 40s in conventional Afghan outfit, in the middle of two Afghan special causes army.

"A man with a lengthy hairs, dressed in a dark turban who recognized himself as a In german resident and talks In german was taken along with three other alleged Taliban on Thursday night in Gereshk region of Helmand region," a spokesperson for the provincial governor said.

Gereshk cops primary Ismail Khplwak described the taken man as the "military advisor of Mullah Nasir", leader of a local Taliban top level team in Helmand, AFP information organization revealed.

While international competitors are common in Syria together with so-called Islamic State (IS) militants, it is difficult to acquire European people in Taliban positions.

The best-known is perhaps David Master Lindh, who became known as the "American Taliban" and was caught in 2002 and sentenced to Twenty decades in jail.

Taliban insurgents management more area in the nation than whenever you want since international fight soldiers left in 2014, BBC research released in Jan revealed.

It is approximated that about 15 thousand individuals - half the inhabitants - are living in places that are either managed by the Taliban or where the Taliban are freely present and consistently install strikes.

Attacks recently stated by Taliban and IS have murdered ratings in Kabul and elsewhere.

Recent significant strikes in Afghanistan
20 January: Taliban gunmen destroy at least 22 individuals at a significant Kabul hotel
24 January: IS destruction assailants destroy six individuals an attack on a Save the Children office in the southeast area of Jalalabad
27 January: Taliban militants generate an emergency vehicle packed with explosives into a Kabul protected area, eliminating at least 100
29 January: IS competitors destroy 11 army in an attack on an army publish in Kabul
24 February: A trend of strikes across the nation results in more than 25 individuals deceased, most of them soldiers

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