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All bodies believed to have been recovered from vehicles crushed under Florida bridge

Miami-Dade cops said Weekend they had retrieved all five systems of individuals automobiles mashed under the Las vegas link that flattened Saturday. While they believe they have retrieved all the sufferers -- a 6th person passed away at the medical center -- the search and save is continuous.

Earlier Weekend, cops launched what they are of three sufferers drawn from the stones. They are 57-year-old Oswald Gonzalez, 53-year-old Alberto Arias and 60-yeaer-old Rolando Fraga Hernandez, 60. Police also launched the identification of sufferer Navarro Brownish, who passed away at a medical center soon after the incident. The company Duran, 18, an individual at FIU, was also murdered, her dad informed CBS Information.

The link was under development when it flattened onto a major road, eliminating at least six individuals. Regulators say at least four more automobiles stay caught in the stones.

Miami-Dade Police Home Juan Perez said teams worked well around the time to free the two automobiles Fun, CBS Las vegas reviews. They were then moved to flat bed tow vehicles and given a companion to the Medical Examiner's Office where the would be eliminated and favorably recognized. Perez said when the automobiles were released from the waste, a short time of quiet was organised honoring the lifestyles missing. 

Deadly link failure at California Worldwide University
Perez said they were trying the multiple removal of two stuck automobiles and it would take roughly 12 hours. He included that it could take longer based on the circumstances experienced by the teams.

"It's going to be a long process" to get rid of the rest of the automobiles, Perez said, "because of the size of the dwelling that is resting on top of these automobiles."

Investigators are still trying to find out why the link unsuccessful. On Saturday, the California Division of Transport said it had obtained a voicemail messages Wednesday from an professional with the company who develop the link saying there were "cracks." "Obviously the breaking is not good and something's going to have to be, ya know, done to repair that," said the voicemail messages. 

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