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Angry Birds maker Rovio closes London studio

Angry Birds maker Rovio closes London studio.

The organization behind the hit mobile activity Upset Parrots has shut its London, uk studio room, after caution its earnings were likely to fall.

Rovio's head of activities, Wilhelm Taht, also reconciled on Saturday, making us president Kati Levoranta in charge.

The Finnish activities organization has cautioned that its brand certification earnings could decrease 40% this year.

It has held responsible lots of competitors and higher marketing costs for the poor perspective.

Rovio's London, uk studio room was started out in 2017 and the organization went public in Sept with a assessment of £786m.

But on 22 Feb, the Finnish activities manufacturer released a profit caution that triggered its stocks to go by 50%.

Announcing the closing of its London, uk studio room, Rovio said it wanted to focus on its companies in Finland and Norway.

The organization had employed seven activities designers in London, uk.

Rovio saw fast growth after it released Upset Parrots during 2009, but it made a significant loss in 2015 and cut a third of its staff.

In 2016, its Upset Parrots film gained $350 million (£254m) in theatres and assisted get back sales of the experience.

A follow up is predicted in 2019.

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