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Appeal the resolution against the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice

Appeal the resolution against the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice.

LAHORE: A bench bench headed by Chief Justice, hearing the Aashishna Housing Scheme in Supreme Court Lahore Registry. Chief Justice asked DGLDA that the land and development work does LDA, then what laws have been contracted with private companies? DGLDA responded that under 6 LDA rules, the companies were contracted. Chief Justice asked who was DGLDA, when the agreement was signed? Zahid Akhtar replied that at that time Ahad Cheema was a DG. The Chief Justice has questioned what is the full name of Ahad Cheema, and what is his new position today? Zahid Akhtarman replied that Ahad Khan Cheema is the full name, nowadays he is in custody of NAB. Qayyad is the CEO of Power Plant. The Chief Justice has asked the Chief Secretary to tell how much salaries and privileges are taken by Ahad Khan. Chief Secretary told that the DMG officers were one lakh when Ahad Cheema was taking about 15 lakhs. The Chief Justice asked all the record records of Ahad Cheema's service profile, salaries and concessions, and said that the resolution was passed in the Punjab Assembly against the NAB. Thus, the resolution against the Supreme Court will also arise that Can not stand Ask your political kisses to accept a resolution against the Supreme Court. The Chief Justice gave remarks that the NAB should not harass anyone. There is no justification for the arrest of Ahamed Chima, who has to resign, give the person who is called to cooperate.

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