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Bruins seize first place with another win over Lightning

Bruins trainer Bruce Cassidy was clearly low-key about his club’s most important win of the season.

The B’s shifted into first position in the Southern Meeting with a 4-2 success against Polk Bay last evening at the Lawn. They derailed the Lightning’s prolonged run on top of the Ocean Department that started Oct. 19, enhancing to 48-17-11 overall and 3-0 against Polk Bay.

They have 107 factors, one before Super, and still have a sport in side. The groups will experience off for the ultimate amount of your energy in the standard season Apr 3 in Polk.

“We’ve defeated Polk twice (before), so I don’t think it was a declaration,” Cassidy said. “They have been in first position basically as an extended as I can keep in mind this season, so I think it’s awesome to successfully pass them.

“They are an excellent tennis group and will be a few for whoever gets them in the 2010 playoffs. I don’t know if it’s a declaration . . . but I think our people in the space experienced that if we perform our activity, we can defeat them, and we defeat them before.”

Leading 2-1, the B’s captured an opportunity when Alex Killorn’s prospective attaching wrap-around objective was nullified by goalkeeper disturbance at 6:02 of the third interval.

They took a 3-1 cause at 11:59 when Torey Krug fallen through a joint and backhanded the puck to Patrice Bergeron, who rerouted the puck behind Polk Bay goalkeeper Andrei Vasilevskiy for his Twenty eighth count of the season.

The Super cut the cause to 3-2 at 13:54 when Winner Hedman obtained on a taken Tuukka Rask realized he should have ceased. But Kaira Marchand obtained an empty-netter at 19:04.

“We had our own objectives internal, and we realized we had an excellent tennis group,” Cassidy said. “Would we have said we could be the No. 1 seed? Probably not.

“I certainly believed we were a playoff-caliber group and where we went throughout the season would rely on the development of some of the young gamers. What does it mean now? It’s a great respect to be in first position but it could modify (tomorrow). . . . We haven’t discussed the rankings much this season, and we won’t going ahead. When the 82 activities are over, we will see where we are, who we got and go from there.”

Tampa Bay never led in the earlier two conferences, and that pattern did not modify. The Bruins went ahead 1-0 at 19:02 of the first on a great cooperation between Tommy Wingels and Tim Schaller in the Super area. Wingels took the puck away from He McDonagh and interchanged goes with Schaller.

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