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Florida shooting: Gun control law moves step closer

Florida shooting: Gun control law moves step closer.

New gun management actions for California have approved another legal barrier, several weeks after one of the most severe university shootings in US record.

The region's House of Associates approved a invoice increasing the age to buy a gun from 18 to 21 and magnificent a three-day patiently waiting interval on all gun sales.

The invoice, already went by the Us senate, now goes to the condition governor.

Seventeen people died at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Great School in Parkland, California, on 14 Feb.

Since the capturing, many enduring learners have lobbied political figures for greater gun management.

State congress discussed marketplace for about eight hours on Wed before voting 67-50 in favor.

The invoice does not add a ban on the selling of assault-style weaponry, despite it being a key need for learners and their mother and father.

The new regulation allows the supplying of some community university employees, although class room instructors are excused.

The non-reflex equipped "marshals" program for educational institutions in California was known as after Aaron Feis, a trainer who passed away in the Parkland capturing.

It allows university employees who do not educate in classes to be equipped, topic university region acceptance and professional training.

The exception to this rule of class room instructors was considered necessary to get marketplace approved.

A speaker for California Governor John Scott said previously this week that he had not yet made the decision whether to back up the new actions.

The invoice, known as the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Great School Public Protection Act, will instantly become law within 15 days unless he vetoes it.

The US nationwide lowest age to buy a gun is already 21.

Florida law already requires a three-day patiently waiting interval before the purchase of a gun is finished. However, a person as young as 18 can buy a weapon in California, with no patiently waiting interval.

Police say removed former student Nikolas Jackson was 18 when he lawfully purchased the AR-15 semi-automatic weapon used in the strike.

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