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Pervez Musharraf serious treason case, urge legal assistants with UAE

Pervez Musharraf serious treason case, urge legal assistants with UAE.

Islamabad (Us Condition Today) Special court called for a "Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement" with the United Arab Emirates on the matter of arrest of former President Dubai in Pervez Musharraf's treason case.
The hearing was held in the special court against Pervez Musharraf, a three-member bench headed by Justice Yahya Afridi, hearing the case. During the hearing, the prosecutor's lawyer Akram Sheikh was present in the court. The sub-section of the Interior Ministry also presented in the court that 4 of the 7 out of 7 Musharraf's assets are still under his name.
The bench of the bench, Justice Yahya Afridi, inquired that what measures were taken for the arrest of Pervez Musharraf? It has been 10 months but details of their foreign countries do not come, what is the problem on foreign property operations? Why did not the Interpol have been contacted despite the warrant being issued? What measures did the federal government and the interior ministry take to bring the accused? What to do to ensure the attendance of the accused?
The prosecutor's lawyer Akram Sheikh said that the accused has been given a very good time, now the decision should be taken, the court can issue Musharraf's redirects and this can only be issued by the court; court can cancel Musharraf's identity card and passport. . The court had ordered that the trial could not be done in the absence of the accused, but the case could be run in the non-attendance of the accused.
The special court sought the Foreign Office and FIA officials, while also requested the Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement with the UAE.

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