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Adult Swim celebrates this year's April Fool's by running a new FLCL episode months ahead of schedule

Mature Swimming is infamously nice when it comes to its Apr Fool’s Day practical jokes, with tricks like last year’s surprising John & Morty elite delighting lovers (and delivering those of us given the job of protecting these surprising material falls operating to our computer keyboard on a Weekend night). Now, the system has allegedly done it again, transmitting the first show of one of its two organized new periods of cartoons conspiracy hit FLCL tonight, at late evening on Apr 1. Oh, and just to perspective the weirdness blade a little more: The system split with its regular cartoons methods and transmitted the show in Japanese people, with British subtitles.

It’s not obvious how much of FLCL: Alternative—which ought to officially appear in September—the system is intending to plate out tonight, or whether the show will be recurring at all. (A routine the system obviously transmitted in Japanese people indicates it won’t, and that the whole night’s transmitted might be subbed cartoons. If you’re on the Western Shore, though, you still might be able to capture it.) From segments and screenshots being approved around on the internet, though, we’ve at least got verification that massive instruments are still being drawn out of new teenagers’ leads, so all is obviously right and well (or at least properly and apocalyptically batshit) in the FLCL galaxy.

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