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No, the world isn't ending today. We hope.

David Meade, a Christian and self-published author, predicts the "end times" are very near, as in Monday April 23.

Despite crazy statements from the Everyday Show, the entire globe isn't going to come to an end nowadays (April 23).

Quoting fringe movement theorist Bob Meade, the Show said a passing in the Holy bible, Details 12:1-2, "suggests the end of the entire globe is upcoming, with World set to be damaged on Apr 23."

Right during the NBA playoffs? How impolite.

The Holy bible passing (which of course does not specify Apr 23 as Doomsday), also alerts the begin of the Rapture and the second arriving of Jesus Christ, Meade said.

He also said within the planet's and constellations is another harbinger of disaster, but Area.com said Meade's expected sky agreement is completely incorrect.

The crazy concept refers to the globe Nibiru, aka World X, will appear on Apr 23. Meade statements it will then successfully pass the World in Oct, inducing the begin of the Rapture with large volcanoes and volcanic breakouts due to its gravitational power.

So the entire globe will end nowadays, then again in October? What gives?

In any occasion, NASA has continuously said Nibiru or World X does not are available and is a scam.

There are many more convolutions to the expected end of the entire globe, which the Show describes in complicated and befuddling details.

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