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Bill Cosby retrial, Day 1 Topless protester charges at comedian outside courthouse

The newest improvements from the first day of Invoice Cosby's sexual-assault retrial:

Judge looks into declare about juror's impartiality

Before starting claims started Thursday, Assess Steven O'Neill inquired a female from last week's court choice who produced in an affidavit that one of the 12 jurors informed her he considers Cosby is accountable.

The comedian's lawful group wants the man taken off the court and changed with one of the six alternates.

O’Neill says he’ll choose his next phase depending on what the girl informs him.

Topless protester ambushes Cosby

Cosby's retrial got off to an unforgettable begin Thursday as a nude protester with the term "Women's Lifestyles Matter" coded in red ink across her chest hopped a barrier and tried to wait the comic as he joined the Montgomery Nation Court in the suv Chicago enclave of Norristown.

The lady, who has yet to be recognized, got within a few legs of Cosby but sheriff's deputies intercepted her before she could achieve him, getting her into legal care and major her away in handcuffs.

Cosby, who said a last season that he is very sightless, seemed surprised by the occurrence and environment of chanting demonstrators but he was fresh and uninjured.

The nude lady was one of about six individuals chanting meant for Cosby's accuser, former Forehead School fitness division staffer Andrea Constand, who says the comic drugged and raped her at his house in 2004.

The 80-year-old comic, who has said the sex-related get in touch with was consensual, encounters three matters of angry indecent attack, each punishable by up to Decade in jail.

Opening claims in Cosby's retrial on sex-related attack expenses get ongoing Thursday in what all ends — protection, legal prosecution and especially the judge — wish will not be a rerun of the deadlocked court failing that finished Cosby's first test last July.

Bill Cosby retrial recap:  What you need to know before starting statements

A new court made up of 10 white wines, two shades of black and seven men and five females selected from within Montgomery Nation, will be sequestered during the retrial. Out of a multitude of allegations against Cosby, the 2015 legal expenses from the Constand situation are the only ones to keep. The others are all too old to take legal action against.

Aside from the court and Cosby's new lawful group (led by Johnson Mesereau), the most important modify is what's occurred outside the courtroom: the Me Too activity, which has known as out sex-related pestering and attack in The show biz industry and other office buildings. 

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