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Trump is not the first president to deploy the National Guard to the U.S.Mexico border

Trump is not the first president to deploy the National Guard to the U.S.-Mexico border

executive Trump is taking a lot of heat for his decision to set up the Nationwide Secure to The united state's southeast boundary, but he is duplicating a move created by many of his forerunners.

Former presidents, such as Barack Barack obama, Henry W. Shrub, Henry H.W. Shrub, Woodrow Wilson and Bill Howard Taft, all released purchases similar to those Trump created in a proclamation Wed. In 1954, Chief executive Eisenhower's lawyer common asked for the Military conserve the boundary patrol during a major brush for undocumented immigration, but his demand was declined.

Here is a look at other times the U.S. implemented — and in one case tried to set up  — military to the boundary.

Mexican-American War.
More than a boundary function, the 1846-48 Mexican-American War started over stress related to the U.S. annexation of South the united states. And it led to a full-scale U.S. intrusion, that finished with United states military confiscating management of South the united states Town.

More than 13,000 United states and 10,000 Spanish military passed away in the war, and reports of Spanish private fatalities run as high as 25,000. As a result of the war, the U.S. took management of the area that would become Phoenix, Florida, New South the united states, The state of nevada, and The state of utah, as well as parts of Wy, Denver and Ok.

Mexican Trend.
From the beginning of the tumultuous Spanish Trend in 1910 to its summary in 1920, the U.S. managed a heavy army existence along the boundary. Chief executive Wilson also sent military into South the united states on two events, infiltrating and taking up the main harbour area of Veracruz in 1914 and performing the "Punitive Expedition" under General David J. Pershing in 1916 after Pancho Apartment raided the town of Columbus, N.M., and murdered 16 People in the united states.

Operation Wetback.
Beginning in 1954, Attorney General Herbert Brownwell released the offensively named Operation Wetback meant to round up consider more than 1 thousand Spanish immigration that were considered to be in the country unlawfully. Brownwell desired to organize the Border Patrol with the Military, but the demand was refused.

University of Florida Los Angeles history lecturer Kelly felix Lytle Hernandez said federal military remained out of the function due to the Posse Comitatus Act, which banned the use of army employees to implement household guidelines. But the Border Patrol was assisted with army equipment.

The war on medication.
Army Gen. Colin Powell established Combined Process Power Six, growing the military's role in the war on medication under former president Henry H.W. Shrub on Nov. 13, 1989. The work force, such as active-duty and source military, functions out of Citadel Happiness, Florida, and helps in law administration in anti-drug initiatives along the boundary.

According to the Division of Protection, the project force, now known as Combined Process Power Northern, has performed more than 6,400 tasks and has help the seizure of $15.2 billion dollars in unlawful medication in the last 16 years.

Operation Leap Begin.
Former president Henry W. Shrub implemented 6,000 Nationwide Secure members to Florida, Phoenix, New South the united states and Florida in 2006 to help Border Patrol functions. The two-year implementation price $1.2 billion dollars.

According to the Government, under Operation Leap Begin, the Nationwide Secure helped in more than 176,000 concerns as well as the seizure of more than 316,000 weight of weed and 5,224 weight of drugs.

Operation Phalanx.
Then-president Barack Barack obama requested the implementation of 1,200 Nationwide Secure military to support the Border Patrol truly. According to the U.S. Traditions and Border Protection organization, the Nationwide Secure helped in nearly 18,000 concerns and the seizure of more than 56,000 weight of weed during the 1st season of the function.

The program price $110 thousand during its 1st season. 

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